Back to my Senses

whoo! It was a horrible nightmare. I succumbed to the torments of the dark, the desolated, the pit of misery. If only you knew how I sheltered your name from any vexations yet… Continue reading


I miss you so much, your touch, your presence. I’m in a dark place and your the only one that could pull me out of my misery. But how dare I? I’m the… Continue reading

I’m Sorry

It’s been bothering me for days now. Doubts and uncertainties flooded my mind and clouded my judgement. I can’t think straight, I can’t focus, I can’t shift attention abruptly and I can’t even… Continue reading

Infection To The System

Infection to the System A Reaction Paper on “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio” by: Kristine Iannah Lawas   Disclaimer: Just wanna share it and post it on my blog to express my comments… Continue reading


I’ve proven myself to be worthy of the crown of patience, resistance and faith. I excluded myself to their so-called “love circle” which is famous in this generation. I might have looks that… Continue reading

Can you blame me?

I’ve exposed myself in pain and suffering, victory and heaven, risks and sacrifices and deadly decisions and consequences. I was born many times and each was a unique era, either same or completely… Continue reading

Six Weeks

It’s been six weeks since i saw green tricycles on the streets. It’s been six weeks since i saw my grandmother. It’s been six weeks since I saw the towering palm trees along… Continue reading

Grazie Mille

We got here not by serendipity, not even by chance, not by choice and never by accident. All of these are products of hard work, skills, will and God’s blessing. We are maybe… Continue reading

Ink for Blood

Ink for Blood By: Kristine Iannah Lawas The Mover   A warrior by heart, through words I shall fight.  I’ve been trepidated, not by tyrants but with my own society. I’ve fought, not… Continue reading

City Lights

I’ts just a simple picture but with the ambiance of the mini-bulbs, the picture came alive. Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details